Mini Interior Detailing

A Quick and Effective Interior Cleaning

A Simple Cleaning That Will Give Your Vehicle A New Look

The Mini Interior Detail package will give your vehicle a cleaning that doesn’t require too much time or money while still taking care of your vehicle and having a budget.

What this package includes:

  • Interior wipe down with interior cleaner on all plastic surfaces getting rid of (dust and small debris)
  • Thorough vacuuming on interior (including carpet mats, carpet, seats and dash)
  • Cleaning windows with a streak free finish
  • Wipe down on door jams

The time frame for this service is 45 to 65 minutes.

If you’re looking for a service that will provide more services like steam cleaning, shampooing seats and carpets our Deep Interior Detailing package is what you’re looking for.

Estimations for Pricing

This is the estimates for all vehicle types. Final Pricing will be determined based on the condition and size of the vehicle.

Before and After's

Before and After photographs of our Mini Interior Detailing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this service take care of any stains on the seat?

Due to this package being a mini interior detail, it will not take care of any stains on the seat. If you're looking for stain cleaning the Deep Interior Detailing package is what you're looking for.

Will I have to drop off my vehicle for this service?

Dropping off your vehicle anywhere is not required! We come to your location with all the equipment to get the job done.

How will I be able to pay after the service?

We have multiple ways you can pay. We accept card, check or cash. Which ever works best for you!

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