Exterior Wash And Waxing

Adding Shine On The Paint With A Layer Of Protection

Getting Your Paint To Shine and Protecting It Against Sunny, Windy, and Rainy Weather in Florida

There is a reason why waxing vehicles has been popular for so long and why everyone knows about it

Waxing your vehicle serves many purposes whether you just got an old or new vehicle and you want to make sure your paint is shining and has protection on it.

Everything this package includes:

  • Cleaning all wheels with specific brushes and dressing tiresĀ 
  • Hand wash on all of paint surfaces including (door jams, gas caps, front and end of body) and removing (bugs, dirt and small debris)
  • Claying and Decontaminating paint work (provides a smooth finish on paint and prepares it for wax application)
  • Applying a layer of wax on all paint surfaces providing the shine and protection
  • Cleaning outside windows providing a streak free finish and shine

A good suggestion would be pairing this package up with our Deep Interior Detailing, it will give your vehicle a whole new look.

Estimations for Pricing

These are the estimates for all vehicle types. Final Pricing will be determined based on condition and size of the vehicle.

Photos Of Our Wash and Waxing Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this service get rid of scratches?

The wax will go into to light scratches appearing as covered due to the shine but will not remove medium to heavy scratches.

What type of wax do you use?

We use spray, liquid, and paste waxes. If you have a preference feel free to tell us!

How long will the wax last on the paint?

It varies on how long the wax can last due to the weather and care. If weather is not bad and the vehicle is garage kept 3-4 months. If weather conditions are heavy and it's in the sun everyday 1-2 months.

Will I have to drop off my vehicle for this service?

No, we come to your location with all the equipment necessary to get the detail done!

How will I be able to pay after the service?

We have multiple ways you can pay after the service. We accept card, check and cash. Which ever works best for you!

How long will this service take?

This service can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete based on size and condition of your vehicle.

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