Maintenance Exterior Wash

A Simple Wash To Get Rid of Everyday Dirt and Grime

The right way to wash your vehicle to avoid scratches and marks on paint

This service will guarantee the proper way of washing without causing any swirls or damage to the paint.

This is not a $5 car wash, we go in depth with our wash process and the tools used to get the job done and provide a great finish!

This is a great service to get to get rid of everyday dirt & grime, bugs, and bird poop.



What this package includes:

  •  Exterior hand wash and all exterior surfaces (gas caps, front grill, emblems)
  • Cleaning all wheels with specific brushes
  • Light layer of spray wax on paint (small shine and protection)
  • Dressing tires for shine 
  • Cleaning exterior windows with a streak free finish

Estimations for Pricing

These are the estimates for all vehicle types. Final price will be based on the condition and size of the vehicle.

Photographs of our Maintenance Exterior Wash package

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this service take?

It can vary due to the size and condition of the vehicle but typically 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Does this service include wax?

This service includes a light layer of spray wax that will last for 1 month. If you're looking for something that will last longer, our Exterior Wash and Waxing package will be for you.

Will I have to drop my vehicle off for this service?

No, we come to your location with the equipment necessary to get the job done!

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