About Us

This was our set up for the first 6 months of car detailing...

Hey! I’m Christopher Reyes, the owner of Reyes’s car detailing. I am based out of the Central Florida area and have been detailing for over 3 years now.

As you can see from the photo above, my detailing set up was very limited compared to now. I was in high school and I was not working, thinking of what I can do to make money on the side and I discussed this with my mother. The next day she calls me to kitchen table and shows me some supplies she purchased for me including Car Shampoo, Towels, Vacuum and Buckets. She told me “Start washing cars, start with the family and see where it goes”. I was in shock since I had no experience washing vehicles but I was grateful and willing to try it out.

I started washing vehicles and everything was starting to get good, getting more clients and getting more experience. As I continued to learn more I got into the world of car detailing, very different from just simple car washing. Ever since getting started with detailing I have been committed to continue detailing and wanting to grow my business and make everyone aware of what a difference your vehicle can have after getting detailed. I believe that detailing is a luxury service and can benefit the consumer in multiple ways whether it’s protecting and caring for your assets, restoring a vehicle from a previous owner to simply just enjoying a deep cleaned vehicle.

I take pride in providing the best results possible in order to get your vehicle in the condition you would like to see it in. I have detailed multiple vehicles and I know what type of results we can bring to you and how we can take care of your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get your vehicle taken care of!¬†

– Christopher Reyes